Most of these works were made between 2004 and 2014. Except for Louisa Opens Her Eyes, they were all created from imagination. My intention was to catch the viewer's attention with visually intriguig shapes and colors and then transport their thoughts to wherever the imagery led their internal dialog. Often I concentrated on themes that stuck in my mind at the time such as "we are all similar yet unique", "we are all together yet separate", and "the eye takes us on a journey away from the canvas, possibly to familiar spaces".

I paint mostly with acrylic on canvas. Louisa Opens Her eyes is a digital collage of scans of marker drawings from my paper journal. The paint strokes and dots on One World and Spiral are applied to paper without touchups or layers of paint like the other art pieces. Sunset on the Bay and Fields of Gold have a three-dimensional relief surface that was built up with marble paste and then painted over.