In September 2023 I participated in a retreat at Kripalu Center focused on awakening our heart's dream with trees. Amba Aliana'Hi and Jeff Prabhakar Migdow guided our meditative journeys outdoors with five different tree ceremonies: Elm, Apple, Hemlock, Camperdown Elm, and Willow. The art on these pages represents my interpretation of some of the messages and feelings that I received during each of the five ceremonies.         

After the retreat, I reviewed my journal writings and directed my thoughts and energies into creating one painting per tree ceremony. These paintings serve as a reminder to myself of the transformative thinking and pathways of discovery that I learned to see in my mind's eye with the guidance of Amba and Jeff and in the presence of other members of the group who also shared some of their insights and experiences. I was initially drawn to the retreat because of my deep love of nature and a connection to trees. I came out with an increased awareness of a broad spiritual awakening happening which I believe can restore some balance to our natural world. The trees and our hearts have so much to say.